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The most useful classes for defenders: technician, support.

As in the case of attackers, the technician can benefit defenders thanks to the robot saper, with which it can quickly and imperceptibly neutralize the established cargo. An additional advantage of technology is anti-tank mines that can block the entry of enemy technician in the relay.

Thanks to explosives and the overwhelming properties of manual machine guns, support can fire wings in assault mode. Due to the mortar, the support player can continuously fire around the relay from a safe distance, thereby preventing the safe approach of the enemy team to the target. In addition, supporters can install Claymore mines near the relay or even attach to them remotely bleed C4 charges and wait until the enemy is suitable enough for the explosion to hit them. The undoubted advantage of support is also machine guns, thanks to which the player can lead almost a continuous barrier fire, fighting and killing whole groups of opponents moving towards the relay.

The techniques of the defendant team can use fairly simple and efficient tactics using a robot sapper. It is enough to place the robot somewhere near the relay, but at a less noticeable place. The stationary robot does not like attention as moving, so its service life can be significantly increased with the right location. After the robot is "parked", it is enough to go in the safe place of the opponent's movement. In the event of a load on the transmitter, it is enough to quickly take on the remote control of the robot and, if you are lucky, remove the load with protection without prejudice to health.

If the player himself finds itself in close proximity to the enemy flag, he must look for a place within his reach, where he could steal the flag. After that, all the light sources (laser, flashlight) should be turned off and, if possible, do not enter into battle when capturing (unless, of course, it is possible). The captured flag is much more expensive for the whole team than the murder of one or two opponents.

Flag of the enemy / target for attack (assault)

This icon marks the location of the flag captured by an enemy team, or the location of the relay that the player must destroy.

Neutral flag (not taken by anyone)

This marker notes the location of the flag, which has not yet been captured by any team, or flag, which was neutralized during the round.

First aid kit

Indicates the nearest field aid kit, thrown by the Allied attack aircraft. Best dating websites with chat with single girls on . Real reviews
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