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Foot sweating (hyperhydrosis) brings a lot of trouble, it occurs in a person regardless of its sex. He is embarrassed by a sharp smell.

How to cure hyperhydrous legs?

Before we answer this question, let's try to determine the root of the problem. The main reason is the natural processes that occur in the human body.

Also, the reason can be: wearing close shoes, warm socks dressed not for the season, poor care for legs, as well as sweating can appear at various stress, unrest, physical exertion, and even with too hot and acute food.

For reasons that cause foot sweating include various diseases: diabetes, thyroid impairment, kidney and heart disease, as well as obesity.

If you set that sweating is not related to these diseases, then in this article you will find tips how to cure hyperhydrous legs.

The feet of your feet will sweat when you wear too close shoes, or the shoes inappropriate to climatic conditions. There are many sweat glands that are capable of producing 1.5 liters of sweat for a week.

In terms of composition, this is the water containing salt. Why then an unpleasant smell appears, you ask? Bacteria are to blame for everything that actively can multiply if there is no light and air access is limited. This unpleasant smell, familiar to people and allocate these bacteria.

How to treat legs when sweating?

There are many opportunities in the modern world to get rid of this problem.

Consider the most effective of them:
- You can make baths for legs in a weak solution of manganese;
- regularly use antibacterial ointments and creams;
-Effective remedy for sweating oak bark, make the baths from it with the addition of sage;
- In the morning, sprinkle a boric acid powder, put the socks, wash your legs in the evening and after two three weeks the sweating will disappear;
- Since dead skin is a favorable soil for breeding bacteria, it is necessary to regularly remove the dry skin on the soles;
- Use boric acid;
- need to abandon fatty ointments that produce a greenhouse effect;
- Wash your feet with tar soap;
- After taking the soul, wipe the legs thoroughly;
- do soda baths before bed with the addition of paraffin;
- During the day, changing wet socks several times;
- the work of sweat glands normalizes the sauna visit;
- Instead of cream with glycerin, use light spray.

To eliminate the unpleasant smell of the feet you need:
• Apply hygiene (soap, shampoo) with a low level of pH
• Do not acquire products that contain essential oils,
• reduce mint and alcohol use,
• use sweat deodorant,
• Buy genuine leather shoes
• If possible, buy shoes in which there are interchangeable insoles that can be changed and washed.

If you adhere to these rules, you no longer have to wonder how to cure hyperhydrous legs. Best Reviews of a dating websites on . FInd you love online!
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